Hasta La Vista, BB

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Date Created:29 Sep 2016

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Written By: Kampa Senkwe

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I am just an urban Zambian guy with a quizzical mind.

I WAS just reading an article on the Internet earlier on that BlackBerry is shutting down its phone business after 14 years of making handsets. The company confirmed that it’s out of the Smartphone manufacturing business.

I knew this day would come. I am a die-hard BlackBerry user ONLY because I love the physical keyboard which has value if you think and talk in complete sentences.

BlackBerry 9300 Curve was my first "Smartphone" about 4 years ago, after my silver little Nokia 6030. It was a "major upgrade” from that little Nokia. I was the "talk of the town" where my family was concerned with that BlackBerry.

Man, who would have guessed 4 years ago that BlackBerry would be put out of business? I remember a time not so long ago when anyone who needed a phone for business had a BlackBerry.
Unfortunately, BlackBerry (or RIM as they were known in those days) rested on their laurels and didn't keep up with a rapidly changing market. That's what happens when you don't innovate. BlackBerry became too complacent. They should have gone the Android and touch screen way the very moment others took that route.

But all in all, I will always love these Smartphones. They are so user friendly and produce amazing quality photos. I have years of good experiences to always think fondly of a once significant, though slightly elite, brand.

Oh well . . . . . I might as well get myself a second hand 9300 Curve that I can use until the end of December when WhatsApp finally stops working on non Android phones.

I will surely miss the keyboard cause I really hate finicky touch screens

Hasta la vista, BB.

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