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Even in the deepest end of my heart i know yours hurts when you see me fall... short of your glory i know my soul wants... to serve you earnestly with my all... Please help me break my fall... Mend m... Read More

The Lord!!! in oceans air atoms and all seasons, reigns over the Earth Supreme... Created the earth in his beautiful and perfect design... Made of a quality and balance so sublime... Oh how gracious m... Read More

1.The Christ I knew!  I will Start with a reminder to myself about the christ that i knew..... My then views will sound lame to you.. but thats the truth i knew... it is worth noting ... Read More

The Great commission .... Nolonger persued nor practised what we have left is the great omission... Without Christ the Capital "C" there i no mission.. And our christians now come in ve... Read More

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