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Country of Origin:ZAMBIA
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When u get enough of enough, the" enough" that is never enough you should never stop!!, if you come to see that your good is better then that better can be the best, but since the best isn&#... Read More

I only need the sight when am blindI only need water when am thirstyI only need love when I need to liveI only need you ... Read More

Slouching, frowning and not smiling enough are the habits that made me not to pull through with full light on me. They looked into my eyes but... Read More

Is love's old sweet too good to be true, did you ever find it difficult to believe, it was at a time that I thought mankind would diminish but It was more than ever that I came to b... Read More

It was like gnashing my teeth in the middle of the sea, trying to kick the land that couldn't be kicked but all the same I died for what I knew was great for my life. ... Read More

I failed, You failed, we failed but never did I give up, because my heart and mind is hard to listen to people who tells me that I can't do this or that, I believe that was nonsense because the p... Read More

It was like chasing the world that left me chasing the wind, I tried to do my level best but it all left me the box of wonders. The feelings I had for her was not the feelings she had for me. It took ... Read More

It rained last night and I saw it down to my face,I was surrounded by the crowd of witness and they witnessed my falling down of my face and failing to shout out because I was scared it was one slip w... Read More

It's about myself,years ago when I first began to realize the limitless power of the creative mind,I really wanted to know how to acquire knowledge but has it is "knowledge is like a garden,... Read More

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