ONE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date Created:16 May 2015

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Written By: Pride Katele

I only need the sight when am blind
I only need water when am thirsty
I only need love when I need to live
I only need you coz you are part of me

Because I know having an impression without expression causes depression which leads to distraction and not having u in my life is a total distortion

Sometimes I even wonder why love was not like physics,mathematics, optics,graphics and mechanics which I can easily calculate and get the answer I need.

My love for you makes the underclass, the underclassman,the undercharge, the undercapitalize, the underbody, the underdogs,the undergraduate,the underexposed, the underdeveloped, the underemployed, and the underprivileged to understand my love for you. 

This love is driving me up to u coz it is unconditional, Emotional,physical,fundamental,legal, proportional,sensational,impressional intentional,paradoxical, fantastical,critical, such that even the traditionalist would call it love traditional coz I always practice it to make it practical,romantical and theoritical and my friend doing geography calls it love geographical and I believe its perpetual. 

My love for you is so concentrated such that at certain times I feel I can be rejected insulted deceived and persecuted, but stopping loving you is one of the impossibilities in my life, coz my real responsibility is to make this love a reality

I really feel gorgeous, fabulous,splendiferous because you are so precious to me, letting you to go would be like removing the heart in me and be expected to live. My sight only improves when I see u and my heart always proves to me that you are the only one for me that's why I let my body to solve all the reactions when am with you oh----Ooooo---oh you are so topnotch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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