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Written By: Amos Kalusha

-Behind every rose lies a story, yet to be told…….

-In the beauty of its petals is a sentimental perception ought to be pursued in curiosity…

-Genus rosa, rose up to be a genius, gorgeous obviously glorious….

-Most roses have five petals, secluded and consecrated is rosa sericea with four petals….

-Under the shadow of her adorable petals dwells virtue called wisdom….

-Seldom does she eat the bread of idleness for she is an icon, controls her mouth with wisdom….

-Expression exemplary, conquering the deceit of artificial beauty yet still outstanding among the artifacts….

- In fact she is very strong, for ‘WISDOM IS POWER’, strength and honour are her clothing and she shall rejoice in time to come for she keeps herself chaste and does not chase vanity until an opportunity comes begging she keeps her mouth shut….

-Her tongue is the law of kindness, strengthens the weak, draws the weary, cornered by anger still calmer than ever….

-When others are ‘voting with their feet’ she’s fit to fix fiction for the notion of action is ever functional in her sanction to the satisfaction of her intuition….

-In all nations her version is very exceptional for she nourishes the malnourished, malformed, malodorous and also the malfunctional for she is multifunctional, under her veins flows the very best of verve….

-Verily verily I say unto you that ‘BEHIND EVERY ROSE’ there is always a story but her story is unique as a ‘ROSA SERICEA’ for she is one in a million for even an alien aligns her compassion for she is a companion….




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