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Written By: Amos Kalusha

-Walking up and down walking and walking calling myself a ninja nagging in a nigger style

-Walking up and down calling myself Abapondo pompously pondering on deceit dead devil's bread

-Walking up and down walking and walking busy chasing after bizarre worldly staff>>>>>>>>>

-In pursuit for vanity perceiving it as quality, so swift and sneaky in dummy dumpy domains

-Wine and dine, dancing and jumping euphorically thinking that I am a star with a style when I am nothing but a sook with an infinite knowledge of a filthy rag

-Intoxicated an staggering in a cage of iniquity, a nonentity with no clarity

-Gauging it all from naught, with no ability to zero in and gaze beyond worldly par

-Particularly a loner roaming all time long longing for another day in which to pull out another low level move

-Little did I know that carnality as got no continuity, but its continuity is certainly perpetual condemnation in hell fire>>>>>>>

-Till I met a man of sorrow softly scolded me in a soothing way

-Suddenly turned a deaf ear to his voice, vividly thinking that I am a vibrant man with a vast of knowledge

-Instantly he whispered in my ear whilst I migrated spontaneously from sin to sin like an outbreak

-Stigma, magnifying reaching its peak like a stigmata , yet doesn’t matter unto a layman, who lays his hand on a man and the next minute he is criticizing

-Like an incisor, ceasing people of there salvation, an action which when not halted causes enormous inertia>>>>>>>>

-Walking up and down so at the speed of a photon till I bashed into the cross!!!! That I was dead-alive

-Dead of the flesh but spiritually alive just as the apostle Paul openly puts it in the conformity of his masterpiece in GALATIANS 2:20 that am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ liveth in me:

-Indeed we were irrationally walking up and down till Christ rationalized to the reorganization of our incriminated guilt-ridden and ignominy lives >>>>

                                                      THE END
                               BY AMOS KALUSHA(Dynamic Poet)

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