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Written By: Amos Kalusha

-Just as the clock ticks, tick tock tick tock doooooom!!!!!!!!

-Never retarding neither ceasing rather maintaining the same rate in an inclined and constant nature….

-I was in the mud like a mad person captured in the scene of sin, and insanity under the web of negativity….

-Casting lots, in a defaced world constant devastation and delusion, looking north south east and west no shoulder to lean on,
-The sky! Too high…..

-The ground! Too hard….

-Distressed, discouraged, discomforted, neglected yet yet! Never forsaken, just on the verge of giving up the hope for revival the arrival of the God/Man….

-Supernaturally borne by Mary, overlooking the thrown descending unto the thorn….

-Led a zero hero social spiritual life….

-Never knew sin, was made sin….

-Never bitter, was beaten….

-Never insolent, was insulted….

-Never pounced, was punched!

-Yet yet! in all these hours of sour, he never gave up till he succumbed to all the pressure, ushering him to Calvary, finally he sufficed all the suffering scattering it all and said it is finished, under my feet it is fitting….

-Indeed as a clock ticks like a ticker timer, so does his love for you and I….


#Amos Kalusha (DYNAMIC POET)

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