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Written By: Paul Chanda Chishimba

Trust is vital in every relationship because it helps build and make the relationship thrive. Trust as defined by the Concise Oxford dictionary is “the firm belief in someone or something.” In this context we shall apply it to the belief in someone. That is your partner in the relationship. It is naturally human instinct to shield oneself from harm. No wonder most people are reluctant in committing entirely in a relationship. Instead they build these walls around themselves so as to keep from disappointments. You are probably now wondering what all this has to do with trust. Well, everything. It is fascinating just how humans cannot seem to live as independent beings but tend to lean towards having a companion so as to feel complete. Even the bible portrays this when it talks about God seeing the need to introduce Eve in Adams life. The whole essence of being in a relationship with someone is the desire to better oneself, acknowledging that you are limited as an individual. For a couple to build a successful relationship they should both be willing to trust the other with their heart. This is the first role trust plays in a relationship. You should have trust in your partner’s ability to love you. Doing so erodes the “one foot in” mentality that sees people scampering at the first sight of challenges in the relationship. Relationships with strong bonds are usually the ones that last. Trust in a relationship can be viewed as the glue or bond that holds the relationship thereby determining the strength of the relationship. The common misconception by most people dating is that they have the right to demand a show of trust from their partners. That’s going about it the wrong way. If you are constantly demanding for your partners trust or are the type that feels they are just not trusted, stop. Stop and take a moment to reflect because you are obviously doing something to attract that behaviour from your partner. Firstly trust is built through ones actions and not demanded. One thing that may help you gain or indeed build on your partners trust for you is being open with them. Let them know what's going on in your life from the little things like your days schedule to the hard core decisions you are intending to make. Doing so creates in them the feeling of being part and parcel of your life. Another important thing is dropping the secrecy card when it comes to your circle of interactions. Let your partner know who your close friends are especially those who are of the opposite sex as yours and if possible let them be friends as well. By doing so you will be subconsciously assuring your partner that you have nothing to hide. This will help build trust in the relationship as well. Now getting to the most important thing you should do when it comes to trust is actually be trustworthy. What would be the point of trying to build trust in your relationship if you are not for real? Stay true and build that relationship.

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