Farewell Sir Roger Moore

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Written By: Kampa Senkwe

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IF you grew up in the 80s or 90s like yours truly, my guess is whenever you hear of the name Bond… James Bond the face that comes to your mind is that of Roger Moore….pardon me, I mean Sir Roger Moore.


I learnt about the death of Sir Roger Moore in the early hours of Thursday May 25, 2017 after reading through a WhatsApp message my good friend Musengu had sent to me the previous night. He wondered whether I had heard about Sir Roger Moore’s death and it came as a shock especially that the Bond legend passed on two days earlier in Switzerland aged 89 after a battle with cancer.


Now, I’m not so much of a die-hard Bond fan, though I will readily admit that I have always been to the cinema every time a Bond movie under Daniel Craig comes out. It is quite common among die-hard Bond fans to declare that Sean Connery was the best Bond ever. Others say it is Daniel Craig. I feel Daniel Craig is really doing a great job as James Bond, but for me, Sir Roger Moore is James Bond, end of story.


This man was not just a movie star. He was more than just Bond. Yes, his films made him a star, but his charity work and kindness made him a legend and a gentleman. His words on the hunting of innocent animals for fun are the strongest and most eloquent I've ever heard. His work in supporting animal welfare was amazing.


The world has lost a lovely man who had a wicked sense of humour. I send my condolences to his wife and family. Rest in peace, Sir Roger Moore or should I say... Mr. Bond.


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