When u get enough of enough, the" enough" that is never enough you should never stop!!, if you come to see that your good is better then that better can be the best, but since the best isn&#... Read More

Every child born on earth is born with a lot of talents which are the coat of many colors! Yes they are a coat given by God but because of some fears we fail to explore the talents. Fear of what other... Read More

The real change takes place inside you.... Read More

This article talks about why we should never take time for granted... Read More

It's about myself,years ago when I first began to realize the limitless power of the creative mind,I really wanted to know how to acquire knowledge but has it is "knowledge is like a garden,... Read More

Stop and look at you, and be dazzled! (First posted on facebook)... Read More

We are beautiful inside! A talk to myself to remind me of the greatness within. (First posted on facebook)... Read More

Do you write your way to success? Or would you rather beg your way to success? ... Read More

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