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Date Created:18 May 2012

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Written By: Ivy Sangulube

It simz lyk yestaday wen i was a lil gal.. Wen i depended on pipo 2 feed and clothe me..

With the help ov the women in my lyf, i gradualy transformd in2 the woman iam 2day.

Im proud of myself and the woman that i have become..

I owe it to my father, who has faith in me and has owez told me i can b wateva i want.., a man wuz neva med me think or beliv that mek are stronga or superior than women.

i owe it to the strong women in my life. The women that took it upon themselves to finish the work that my mother had started..

I owe it 2 my sistaz and friends who never allowed me 2 go astray..

And i owe it 2 all the good men in my life, who hav shown me that men en women r patnaz and that my goal in lyf shud nt b beta than them bt b as good as them.

Thank you all for making me a person I am today

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