Love, Fate or Destiny?

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Date Created:21 May 2012

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Written By: Ivy Sangulube

I have always wondered what determines the fate of a relationship..

Is it Love, Fate or Destiny?

Or maybe the question should be, which is the strongest?

They say, "love makes everything possible". I used to believe in that too till I saw people who trully loved each other breaking up and bestfriends turning into total strangers or enemies..

I have also seen people who are together without love..

When it comes to fate, I have noticed that certain events will be leading people to be close: you meet someone on a bus> you think he/she is cute> you have a heavy load that he helps you carry> you realize he is the boy next door>from your conversation, you realize you have many mutual friends etc.

Sometimes the chain goes on and on till people get married or become bestfriends.

However, once the chain is broken, things normaly fall apart i.e communication break down.

With Destiny, I have noticed that the road is not always smooth.. Sometimes the relationship is based on love, sometimes on circumstances. There is: joy, sorrow; loyalty, betrayal; love, pretence; etc.

But whatever the case, the two eventually get past their challenges and live together- sometimes they don't get past them but decide to drag on without quiting.

I am of the view that Fate will make you meet and know someone better; Destiny will make you get married; Love will make you happy in that marriage.

I think they are the greatest when they are one.

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