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Written By: Enock Simbaya

I am back on Writer's Oasis after a big hiatus. And first thing I do on my dashboard is to delete the four chapters I had uploaded under The Fourth Samurai! I know some of you may have read and followed the story. I had been planning to upload the other chapters (I finished the whole story a long time ago) but something just stopped me. Call it my Muse or whatever. The reason I have taken down the Fourth Samurai is because I will relaunch it in an Africanized version. I have been reading a lot of fantasy books these past months and I think it is about time we had some serious African-style fantasy. I have been thinking and planning this a lot and I have found it much better and easier. I mean I am no expert in Japanese culture and I think it showed in the story. The other reason the story may not have worked out is that it was in a whole new world, the people's and Samurai in the story were nothing like the way we see them in books and films. It was kinda redefining everything. A few who read the entire thing have liked it, but I wasn't that comfortable.
So I went back to my brain and laptop and rethought the whole thing from scratch. And believe me, it is much better. If you read the four chapters on Writer's Oasis, you will love the relaunch coming soon. Look for the word Azuku in the title. And if you didn't read it, well, this will be much better.
I have come to see in my young career as a writer that we writers spend a lot of time rewriting our work. Sometimes its a deep agony. Sometimes we can throw an entire manuscript away. I have. Lots of them. Maybe I am a perfectionist, but I believe I do not regret the papers and files I have deliberately thrown away. They just couldn't work.
And sometimes there are pieces of writing that never seen to go away. I wrote Carina and Anabel in 2009, and it has stuck with me. I have failed many times to continue it and given up, but it hasn't given up on me. I was looking at it again and thought to myself, 'Have a go at it again.' And so I will. It is a story about two sisters, two different lives, two different dramas, yet intertwined in a inspiring and uh... sisterly way. I will post the 'Episodes' (as I am calling them) here on the Oasis. Maybe that will keep me writing them.
Writing is a lot of work. But most of all, it has to be fun. If it isn't fun, it shows. I have learned that if I don't enjoy writing a scene or piece, I should discard it. It's a tough lessen and many writers will disagree, but I challenge them to try it. You don't 'have to' write a scene or whatever, you should 'want to'. If a piece of your writing is giving you headache and you just want to get through it, stop for a moment and ask ;do I want to spend my time and energy writing that?' If the answer is no, discard that part or spend time to think of how you can write it in a way you will love. The pay off is great!

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