The Greatest Calculator

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Date Created:01 May 2014

Last Modified:01 May 2014

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Written By: Pride Katele

Is love's old sweet too good to be true, did you ever find it difficult to believe, it was at a time that I thought mankind would diminish but It was more than ever that I came to believe that he was precious and true to me because God is faithful. I have always read in his word how he mothered the bird,and grieved when it fell from the nest, how he cared and lifted it from the ground and how it pleases him to see me doing right in his sight. It's always difficult for me to start my journey without him in me, because I have travelled in the wild, jagged and unbroken boxes of my life. I have stumbled and fallen so hard that the stones have cut my soul like a knife but my shepherd always reach out for me and lift me to the green pasture and always anointing my wounds, there I would rest by the clear healing stream. I always grieve when I look in the world we are living in now so much of self and loving of the world caring less about our neighbours and orphans, because everyone needs someone to lean on no matter how difficult you may prove to be in this life, try to think through because everyone in this life wish to come and sit at his feet, he is so true and I will forever cherish him because without him they would be no life for you and me. Have you ever wondered how he calculated our salvation on this earth, it was on an appointed time God sent his son on earth, it was on an appointed time that christ was tempted but overcame all the temptations,it was on an appointed time he resurrected the dead and healed people from different sickness and diseases. It was on an appointed time christ was denied, insulted and put to the cross, it was on an appointed that he resurrected from death , it was really on an appointed time christ went to heaven and it will be on an appointed time that he will come back to serve who follow is needs the greatest calculator for our salvation. For this, I will follow your ways because you are so faithful, so precious, your heart so filled with love and for every good choice it requires a good people to lead. It's now more than ever I cherish you because you are the greatest calculator of all times

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