Victor's Spark II

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Written By: Enock Simbaya

Victor would die for Carol. He knew that deep down his heart. Every time he saw her, his love for her grew. But it was causing him pain as well. He wanted it to go away. He tried to drink it away, to listen to loud House music to chase away it away, he even tried hating her. But he found himself caring for her more and more.

She had touched his life, even though she didn’t recognize it. That day when he had saved her from her big boyfriend Paul. “You are a nice guy,” she had said and had touched his hand. The words had been magic, transforming his world. He had quit drinking, dumped his loser friends and focused on his studies. He had a 98% mark to prove it, and his classmates still talked about that. But as quickly as she had given him hope in himself, in life and in good things, she had taken it all away when he learnt that she loved the jerk Paul.

She was in control of him. Everything she did that he saw would either break his heart or give him hope. Her smile would make him smile. Thoughts of her would lift him from dull moments. Her graceful gait and her clean exquisite clothes would inspire him to straighten up his life. And he was trying. “What’s happened to you, dude?” his friends would jest at his clean clothes and shaved face, but he couldn’t tell them about this girl, the spark of his life. They would just mock him more, they wouldn’t understand. They were just losers.

But seeing her with Paul broke him up. Even more so when she just passed him without a glance at him. He would punch things till it hurt. Sometimes he would cry himself to sleep. And he would fall back into his old behavior, drinking booze and listening to House music and hating life and not caring about anything. His friends would say There’s the Victor we know, and he would hate them for that too. What did they know? They were just losers. But Carol – how could one person make him so happy and again so miserable?

Today, he was determined to talk to her. He had practised for over a week and was confident he could talk to her, get to be her friend. Maybe just a friend. Ultimately, he would tell her what she was doing to him, how she was making him feel.

He waited at the corner where the girls’ hostel turned in an L shape, gazing at her door, going through what he was going to say over and over. It was ages before she emerged from the room, and he wasted no time walking towards her. Someone called her in the room and she peeped in, saying something excitedly to one of her roommates. She looked beautiful, leaning into the room, the rest of her body outside, one leg raised backwards at a small angle.

When she turned, he was before her. “Hi,” he said.

“Hi.” She looked at him questioningly. She closed the door.

This was the moment. He opened his mouth to pour out his heart. But nothing came out. He tried again, still nothing. Panicking, he found his hand swinging towards hers and touched her lightly.

She slapped it away. “Ew! What are you doing?”

He brushed his hand through his hair, ashamed. “Sorry, I just wanted to… I just wanted to talk to you.”

She edged away from him. “I have nothing to say to you. You are freaking me out.” She walked away and he found himself following.

“Please, I just want to explain to you how I feel.”

“Why should I care how you feel?” She didn’t even look backwards or stop.

“I’m trying to be nice here. You don’t even know what I want to say.”

“Leave me alone. Whatever you want, I have nothing to do with the likes of you.” An arrow through his heart. He stopped and watched her turn at the corner.

His heart twinged, like fiery darts were piercing it. He ran in the opposite direction, until the hostel was way behind him. He found himself by some classroom blocks, and entered an empty one, slumping himself onto a desk. He sat there, cupping half his face in a palm. He was in a darkening world, everything looked dull and fading. Anger, fear, and hatred were fast filling him up.

He stood up. “I don’t need her,” he said aloud, fisting the table. “She can hang.” He cried out in anger and threw punches in the air. A few other students entering the class were looking at him funny, but he didn’t care. He walked out.

The beer demon was now calling, like a siren of the myths, singing to him to come, come my love; singing how it would take away the pain, put him in control, make him a man again. All lies, he knew, but what else did he have? He rushed towards the gate, ever increasing his pace.

“You!” Someone called when he was about to break into a run. “You in the red shirt.” When he turned, it was the big guy Paul coming his way, and he wasn’t looking friendly either. He rushed and grabbed Victor in the shirt. It was a tight grip.

“You have been trying to vibe my girl, haven’t you?”

“What?” It was a squeak. “Me? I… No, never.”

“I don’t play games, alright? I can be beat you so hard your blood will bleed. You hear me?”

Fear shut Victor’s lips, and Paul shook him hard.

“I said do you hear me?”

“I hear I hear. But it’s not what you think…”

“First, you interrupted while I was having a talk with her…”

“I thought you were going to beat her.” Paul tightened the grip, and Victor’s world was getting darker. His whole being knew nothing but fear.

“And what if I did? Is that your bloody problem?” Victor shook his head. “Then I saw you pass by at the fellowship, looking at my girl. Now, I hear you were saying sweet things to her.”

“Sweet thin…? Who said that?”

“Don’t think that I know nothing. I know everything. Everywhere she goes, everything she does, I have people watching. Even when she’s asleep, her roommates check her phone and tell me everything. Are you the guy who sent her a text calling her ‘dear’?”

“She doesn’t have my number. She doesn’t even know my name.”

“Don’t lie to me. If I ever hear you came near her – it won’t be nice. Leave her alone. Do you hear?”

Leave Carol alone. Victor realized suddenly that he couldn’t do that. He just couldn’t let go of her. She was his spark, his shining star. Even though she made him feel like a loser, she also made him feel like a champion. She had given him hope, possibility and a 98% in a class quiz. Maybe he just needed to explain to her what he was before and who he was now ever since she had called him a good guy. Even if she wouldn’t love him – she probably wouldn’t – he loved her, and he would do anything for her.

His world was brightening. Meaning and purpose where returning. He was feeling on top of the world again and all the booze and hatred he thought he wanted were fading fast, sucked away by the glory. That tune was playing in his head again, his tune, Carol’s tune. Automatically, he found himself humming it.

Paul was surprised. And Victor had nothing else but courage.

“You know what, Paul? You are a jerk.”

Paul’s fist zoomed to Victor’s face. As a sharp pitch drowned out every other sound, the world span and weird shapes filled his vision. Then everything went black.

He had a scary dream, thousands of Pauls were punching him, laughing, as torrents of rain beat down and lightning cracked up the sky. When he awoke, he was lying on a bed, a soft pillow under his aching head and a sheet over him. The smell of medicine told him he was in the clinic, and he wondered how long he had been out. That was weird, he thought, going unconscious like that, Paul must have hit hard. If Carol knew…


He jerked up, not believing his ears. He turned and was looking at Carol. She was there, with him. In the clinic room. Just the two of them. She had come to see him. It took some minutes for him to realize it wasn’t a dream and that he was staring awkwardly at her. Lovely as she was, she had her arms folded under her heavenly breasts and she was glaring at him. He wanted to pull the sheet over his head.

“I’m talking to you,” she said.

“Oh… hi.” He cleared his throat but had nothing to say.

“What were you thinking?”

“About what?”

“Confronting Paul. He could have killed you. That was stupid.”

“I did no such thing. I was just walking on my own when he attacked me. He punched me in the face!” He touched his face. Half of it was swollen.

“I don’t believe you. You must have provoked him.”

“He just came up to me and held me by the neck. Do you know how painful that was?” He was getting angry. It was her fault, all this. He was in here because of her, and now she was accusing him of having started the fight. The beating rather. He chuckled when he thought that.

“Oh, you think it’s funny?” She was lovely even in her anger.

It must be the blow to the head, he thought. It’s making me do strange things. Maybe it was the fact that he was here alone with her, the thing he had wanted the most in the world. Only he had always imagined it with her in his arms, and them speaking loving words. But he was in a clinic bed and they were arguing. “It’s not funny. I am the one hurting here.”

“I don’t know what you want from me. I have told you to leave me alone.”

“Your boyfriend is an animal. Do you know he spies on you?”

“What do you mean spies on me?”

“He has a whole gang of people reporting to him what you are doing, who you are talking to and what you are saying. That’s how he knew about us, he told me himself.”

“What? You are sure about that?”

“Yeah. Unless you are the one who told him.”


“And here you are with me again.”

The look on her face showed that she realized his point. She put her hand to her mouth, then dropped it and said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I will leave now, will not cause you any more trouble. I knew Paul was weird, but that sounds crazy.”

“Maybe, but he told me himself. Ati even your roommates tell him stuff and look through your phone.”

“Damn!” It was not becoming of her to swear, but he could understand her anger. “No wonder he’s been accusing me of stuff these past days. I just know it’s that stupid Margret.” Her face was a mixture of apology and anger. He would give anything to kiss that face. “Look, I just came to see if you are fine. Paul was called to the Dean’s. And when he’s out, he will answer to me. Just stay away from him, okay?”

“He should stay away from me. Anyway, thank you for coming. I’m not a stalker or anything, I just wanted to say hi when I talked to you.”

“Okay okay… But look the trouble it got you into. Get well, and again am sorry Paul was such a bully. I’m going now.”

He nodded and she turned. He enjoyed looking at her. When she was at the door, the tune was playing in his head, and he just had to say something. “Eh, Carol.” She turned, even surprised he knew her name. He wished she could ask his. “Can I give you some advice? Ditch Paul. He’s a pig and you are beautiful.”

She laughed. It was music to his soul. It melted his heart. He was smiling long after she left the room. A nurse came in, asked him how he was and whether he felt dizzy.

“How long have I been here?” he asked.

“Ten minutes.”

He had thought it was days. “Oh.”

She gave him some painkillers and told him he could go.

He found himself studying again when he got to his room, and understanding the stuff. Life was easy again. Carol was his angel again. His two friends came in and told him about beer drinking tonight.

“No, no drinking,” he said sternly.

“He’s in that mood again,” one said to the other.

“Let’s go boi,” the other replied. “He will find us when he is back to normal.”

“I am normal!” Victor snapped. “You guys know nothing. This is the real me.”

“You keep changing, dude,” said one. “What’s your issue?”

“If you must know, I am in love.”

They almost laughed their lungs out. They went out laughing. Victor cursed them. They didn’t know anything. They didn’t understand. Only Carol would, he knew, if she could get to know what she meant to him. He had to find a way to enter her life.


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