Moments of thought - A lofty dream.

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Written By: Enock Simbaya

A better world is a lofty dream. The world is spinning in the wrong direction. We are plagued by poverty, disease and ignorance. We are becoming a community of fear and hate, labeling, finger pointing, pervasiveness, indulgence and purposeless living. Our generation is at variance with the previous one: parents are losing their influence, children are losing their respect. Teens are spending their lives in front of the television screen, and few want to read. The gap between the rich and the poor keeps increasing. Truth is marginalized, and lies are exalted and commercialized. Justice is for sale. We have become impulsive, living for only today, plundering the resources of tomorrow for our own ease and comfort. Nations divert funds to strengthen their military; wars are being fought and the threat of wars looms.

A better world is a lofty dream, but somehow there are a few people who still held on to hope. These are the people who have fought the evils of this world for peace, equality, fairness and an environment in which we can live. These are the Martin Luther Kings, Nelson Mandelas, Ghandis and Wangari Matthais. Our heroes, who persisted in believing that the world can change for the better. In the everyday ugliness of the world, they have brought some beauty. They have been the candle in the vast darkness and it makes a difference. It’s a light we look to and say, “It’s possible. We can make the world better.”

We can mourn the wretchedness of the globe, yet this light can be celebrated. There is so much to complain about, to grumble about, to lose hope about. Yet, there is also much we can celebrate, much we can smile about, and much we can hope about. And everyday, there are these little candles, people who keep the world spinning, who make life worth living - at least for me. They give me something to smile for, to write for, to sing for. And they often go unnoticed and uncelebrated:

It is the mother who still loves her children, it is the friend who steps in to assist, it is the nurse who gives a smile, it is the musician that still sings songs of hope; it is the father who forgives, the teacher that loves; it is the leader who says no to a bribe; it is the revolutionist who shouts justice and truth in the street, it is the company that still cares; it is the farmer who plants a seed, it is the artist who paints a beautiful picture, it is the girl and boy who lend a helping hand.

Nickelback sang, “If everyone cared and nobody lied; if everyone shared and swallowed the pride, then we’d see the day when nobody died.”
Oh, that the world will come to that! It is a lofty dream, but I keep dreaming, and doing my part to make it come true.

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