Soliloquy: Beauty on the Inside (Part 1)

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Date Created:08 Jan 2014

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Written By: Enock Simbaya

Great learning is really unlearning. Growing up, we learn to fear, we learn to live for pleasing others, we learn to doubt ourselves and our brilliance, we learn to aim low and we quit dreaming, we pile up guilt, we start carrying burdens. And the powerful information that frees us - it may come from friends, family, sermons, life coaches and books - is information that helps us to take away. To remove the junk that is hindering us. To unlearn (learn off) the old ways.

Everything I want is in me.

Courage is fearlessness. Get that? Fear-less. Take away the fear, and what remains is pure, inbuilt courage and boldness. It was there all along. It was just covered, hidden by the fear, burdened by the cowardice. This cowardice was learned along the way, thinking it was the safest way to live: just hide, cage myself, don’t try things, play it down. Soon I began to see that this fear brings nothing but pain, and so I searched for where to find courage, and it was elusive for a long time. Until I learned that it was there all along! Masked by the fear. And when I peeled off the fear layers, when I unlearned it, there was the beautiful courage! The fearlessness I have always desired and admired in those who have it, real or fictional: Obama, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jon Foreman, Steven Spielberg, Bono, Jackie Chan, Sherlock Holmes, the three Musketeers, Kratos, Dante, Harry Potter... I had it!

Even J.K Rowling said, “We don’t need magic to change the world. We have all the power we need inside us.” That’s right, it’s already there. It is already given. To attain high spirituality, it is the taking away that get me there. When the guilt, the sin, the burden is removed, what remains is the pure connection with God. To have successful relationships with others, I have to unlearn all the nonsense I have been fed growing up, and discover (uncover) the clean, pure and beautiful desire to give (which is what relationships are about). Financial success? Take away the fear of failure, the self-sabotage, the unrealistic beliefs about money, and the destructive habits, and I discover the financial giant within.

And happiness? I read somewhere that “Happiness is permanent. It is always there. What comes and goes is unhappiness.” Bulls-eye! It is the unhappiness that has to be removed, unlearned, peeled off. And then the permanent remains. The beauty I was created with on the inside is uncovered.

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