The Great Ommision

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Date Created:31 Jan 2014

Last Modified:31 Jan 2014

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Written By: Bright M Bwalya

The Great commission ....

Nolonger persued nor practised what we have left is the great omission...

Without Christ the Capital "C" there i no mission..

And our christians now come in versions...

what we are is the "Lazy Worshiper Edition"...

En to think of how easy we have it compared to Paul and the Apostles..

Are we still in the Fathers buisness of saving Souls?...

Or are we in it for the benefits...

Like how much wrong can i get away with en still get a lot of it...

We make check lists of things to quit when we turn christian...

Masking the real problem which is the infected, THE HEART...

We dont want to truely live for God unless there is something in it for our worship..

But what about our duty to him did we abandon that ship?

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