The Shadow that left me on Open. Part 1

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Date Created:25 Mar 2014

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Written By: Pride Katele

It was like chasing the world that left me chasing the wind, I tried to do my level best but it all left me the box of wonders. The feelings I had for her was not the feelings she had for me. It took time for me to come and know it was worthy having but because I was surrounded by people with different ideas and experience. However, this made it difficult for me to take all horrid,hideous of woe, but as time went on I came to appreciate her for, her charming,her ability to make people like her and one of the most delightful factor was her personality was her captivating smile. I loved her because I thought that's what the world can give, without knowing she had another man who was busy showering her with money and gifts,and as it is nothing goes for nothing, this man decided to invite her to his place as he had a big plan over her and she did as he requested because he promised to give her a surprise of what he had bought for her. So reaching home she found him he had prepared food and drinks for her, so they started eating and without knowing that her drink was poisoned with kill me quickly (sex medicine) because she was denied him to have sex with him because she never wanted to make marriage as a career or source of income, she wanted to work hard for herself to achieve what she want. with the drink already taken, the medicine started to work after some good minutes and the man saw that as she looked at him and the man saw an opportunity and moved from the sit where he was sitting and followed her as he touched her boobs and thighs while kissing her and so she had to put her hands in his boxer as she was touching and feeling the man life,as he was busy feeling her soft body with both of them eyes closed and after 20 minutes the man decided to take her to his bedroom

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