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Written By: Pride Katele

It's about myself,years ago when I first began to realize the limitless power of the creative mind,I really wanted to know how to acquire knowledge but has it is "knowledge is like a garden,if it is not cultivated it cannot be harvested(african proverb)".sometimes I would think its too high reach and too difficult to know but Its in every man who has that eye and mind.knowledge is what every person wants and people try to do different things to acquire knowledge but the greatest knowlege you can ever have in your life is knowledge of oneself,because if you know yourself you can do great things,things that are outstanding and you can never be considered as punchinello.And the secret of knowing yourself is within you analyse what you think about most when you are alone, because the real you is when you are alone thinking,so knowing yourself is the greatest knowledge you can ever have in your life

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