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Written By: Ivy Sangulube

As time goes by, things change around us..

sometimes we notice them changin, sometimes we dont.

sometimes we see our friends changing, sometimes they see us changing..

all these changes affect us at some point.

its sad, rily 2 realize that yo bestfrend is turning in2 a total stranger..

sometimes i feel us drifting apart, not that im insecure or possesive.. but i undastand dat our worlds ar so different now.

i ask myself if u are my bestfriend in name only, or u r my bestfrend in deed..

its only then dat i realize dat despite us being in different worlds, i stil laugh da loudest wen im wit u; i stil trust u da most; u stil undastand me, i cn stil count on u; u support me evn if u dont agree with my decisions; u r my mentor en comforter;.. the list is endless

with you, I have realizd that a bestfrend is not a person u spend all of your time with, but someone who will always be there when you need him/her.

I know for a fact that if ther wl onl b 1 peson at my funeral, that person will be you..

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