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Written By: Paul Chanda Chishimba

Revised works of Paul Chanda Chishimba by the said author. Initial works first released to the public on Facebook by the aid of a friend.
John sat back in his seat giving out a huge sigh of relief in the process. He removed his acceptance letter from his bag, doing that for the eighth or probably ninth time that day. He had been accepted to the second highest learning institution in the country to do his BSc in Education. Each time he glanced at that letter, he couldn’t help it but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. He would be the first in his family to ever get a degree. His father, God rest his soul, always used to brag about a certificate he had acquired. John never really knew in what his father had allegedly obtained his certificate but all he was certain of, was that it somehow motivated him to work even harder in school.
John was now lost in his own world of thought that he did not even see her sit beside him.
“Hi,” she had said to him in a sweet soft voice he would later come describe as enchanting.
John, who had now turned his attention to the figure beside him was finding it hard to believe she had just spoken to him. He was very shy when it came to women and this was the closest he had ever been to a woman other than his mother. The thought of him seated beside this beauty from Kasama till he got to the Copperbelt sent a cold chill through his spine. Why pick this seat? Or maybe she’s probably dropping off in Mpika, he thought to himself.
“Hi,” she said again brining John back to reality.
When he finally spoke, all he could say was “ok.”
“My name is Cindy,” she said.
Cindy came from a well to do family unlike John. Her parents had spoilt her with all the goodness they could afford because she was their only child. Cindy had that personality that was liked by almost anyone who came in contact with her. It was exactly this that drove most guys crazy about her. She too had just been accepted to study at the Copperbelt University in the Non quota system. She had that gentle voice that was likened to that of a mother singing a lullaby to her child. Cindy was of average height and her body was perfectly curved in all the right places one could possibly imagine. The protrusion of her succulent breasts made her appear like a female goddess. She had the back side that could never go unnoticed by any conscious man, making not staring almost impossible. Even men who had been caught by their partners in that awkward moment of staring couldn’t help it but take a second glance.

It was after three weeks that John saw Cindy again. He remembered how she had made him laugh the first time they met on the bus. He had enjoyed her company that day, but had unfortunately forgotten to get her number. Anyway he didn’t even own a phone by then. Now thanks to his newly acquired students’ meal allowance, he was a proud owner of one.
He was by the Oasis shop counter getting himself a cena (local bun) when she walked in. She had also seen him and was now walking in his direction. He was overly delighted to see her that the expression showed on his face.
“Someone’s quite happy to see me” she said.
This sent a feeling of embarrassment on John’s face that he almost dropped his cena. Cindy’s sharp eyes quickly picked up all this.
“I see you didn’t get your BC,” she teased.
“I was actually omitted,” replied John jokingly.
“Then why don’t you join me for a much more decent meal by my room? Courtesy of my goodness of course,” she added.
John had never been to the “zoo” before for reasons he did not know himself. The fact that they called the female hostels as “zoo” initially puzzled him. The closest he ever got to the “zoo” was the monk square. He was already liking the place just walking through its corridors. This was because of the pleasant aroma coming from most of the rooms and filling the corridors.
At this, he couldn’t help but remember that incident when a monk had cooked something with such a foul smell that it caused a lot of commotion by one of the male blocks. He was amazed at how he had found himself in the front role shouting all sorts of unholy things outside the door of the said monk. It must have been the CBU syndrome at play that night, he thought to himself.
Cindy’s room was quite neat or maybe all females’ rooms were, he thought. To his disappointment her three roommates, Gwen, Lisa and Patricia were all in the room. The one he came to learn later on was Patricia, was deep in sleep at the time. John noticed how lovely and so full of innocence she looked while she slept. No wonder he wasn’t too happy with Cindy’s decision to wake her up. He was careful this time not to be given away by his facial expressions. Twenty minutes later, they were all fixed to their plates enjoying the delicacy that Cindy had prepared. There was an awkward silence whilst they all ate, except for the few times that Cindy tried to start a conversation.
John was not at all surprised when he discovered he was still hungry a few seconds after claiming otherwise. He had eaten smart that day. He had heard rumours of how a certain monk was blacklisted from ever eating from the zoo because he ate too much. He did not want to make the same mistake. His only hope now, rested in the cena he had bought. However a few minutes later, John couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Gwen pounce on the cena. He had almost cried at this point but decided against it. He never imagined a lady could eat that much. Cindy had tried to stop her, but you know what they say about hungry women.

It was a boring Saturday as usual and John had nothing to do. His roommates had just come in that morning and were sleeping like dead beings. The thing that bothered him most was the nature in which they slept. All three of them were piled up on a single bed. He decided it was best he just let them be and take a walk around campus instead, maybe even watch the CBU Comets do their thing by the basketball court.
He was surprised to find himself by the zoo knocking at her door. He had almost fled when he heard her voice asking him to enter.
Cindy was alone in the room doing what seemed like some casual studying. Romantic jobbing they called it. John felt a certain ease around her this time. There was just something about her that he couldn’t yet place his finger on that made that possible. John was now sitting comfortably on the bed while playing with Cindy’s laptop. Perhaps too comfortably for one just visiting. His attention was so fixed on the computer he didn’t notice she had packed her books. Only when she sat just close enough for him to feel her bodily warmth did he realize she was no longer looking at her books. Her pleasant scent to his nose which he had now come to be familiar with, left him wanting to take in lengthy breaths.
At that moment he felt Cindy’s hand reach out for his.
“What big hands you have,” she said while holding them in her hands.
A lot of thoughts were running through John’s mind in a split second. The feeling of Cindy’s soft hands in his, seemed to increase those thoughts. He firmly but at the same time gently, gripped her hands. A gesture that left them both staring at each other. Their faces separated by not more than a few centimeters of space. Instinctively John decided to move his head towards Cindy’s. He could swear he felt his own blood rush through his veins. At this point he could almost feel her lips on his, and knew they were just a second away from his at that point. Boom, Gwen busted in without knocking. John had forgiven her for the cena but this he could never forgive. She had just denied him his first kiss.

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