My Future Dreams

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Date Created:29 May 2012

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Written By: Ivy Sangulube

Sleeping on my hard bed made of bamboo sticks and banana leaves, I fix my eyes to the dark roof of my small hut. It is pointless to have them open because the room is so dark and I can't see anything, so I shut them tightly and allow myself to be taken to the life that awaits me in the near future..

My career life is extremely successful but very stressful for I am the Chief Justice. My workmates treat me with all the respect- as if i were a god.

Before I make my judgement, the appellant looks us me with terror and pleading eyes, for I am the final authority.

When I make my judgment, I am either looked at with appreciation or disgust..

Luck for me, my family life is peaceful- my husband is so loving and considerate.

On this very day, my day at work was stressful as usual. I am so glad that I am being driven back home in my official car- it is rather too big for a small bodied person like me.

The first thing that meets my eyes after reaching home and getting off the car is the angelic fountain at the centre of the loan. On the right, the faint rays of the sun hits the blue water in the swimming pool, making them glitter like diamond.

On my left, I see my 10 year old son playing with his German Shephard while his 7 year old sister is swinging so high, like a dove flying.

My daughter sees me first and shouts out to me, alarming her brother who then runs to me with his dog following him behind. He then hugs me tightly and pecks me on my right cheek.

I sence my daughter's jealousy, so I walk up to her and push her on the swing till she giggles.

I then walk to the house. Upon entering the house, my nose tells me that my husband is home. The aroma of the food is enough to remind me that I missed both breakfast and lunch.

I tiptoe to the kitchen and blindfold him.

"It can only be my beautiful wife," he says.

"Wrong guess," I tease, "It's a stranger," I say.

"Are you as beautiful as my wife?" he asks, "because you sound as sweet as her," he justifies.

"Judge for yourself," I respond and unblindfold him.

"You are as beautiful as she is," he says, "maybe I will tell the difference when I kiss you," he says as he sweeps me off the floor and kissing me passionately till I lose my mind.

"And whats your conclusion?" I ask breathlessly.

"I still don't know," he responds with a naughty grin, exposing his dimpo. "we need to go upstairs for me to tell."

"That sounds great,"

I smile.

"Let me just finish up and will catch up with you later," he says.

"I will be waiting for you upstairs" I wink.

As I climb the stairs, I feel his eyes escorting me. When I enter my bedroom, I jump on my waterbed, so big and comfortable. I then fix my eyes to the white ceiling and the blue bulb.

Suddenly, my back aches and the bed feels so hard. The room is dark and my eyes can't see anything even if they are wide open.

I then realise that I am back in my small hut on my bamboo bed.

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